Life is not all about sunshine. There can be plenty of good in the bad. Ever since since the dawning of man, people told stories to pass on lessons learned to future generation. Everybody still does that. Yet we live in privileged times because for the first time, we can now record stories and really show future generations what our lives were like in gleaming high-definition video.

We all have a story

I have always been interested in history and imagery and as I learned more about life, that interest turned into a passion: to be fully aware of the times we live in and pass a record of our times to future generations.

Born in England, I started work in an advertising agency in London, before moving to Paris where I started a visual effects company in 1984 using photography, video and computer graphics to create special effects and animated titling for advertising & television.
After nearly 25 years of living in France, I moved to the US and now live in New York where I work as a writer, video editor, producer and photographer.

David (Nick) Newton-Dunn