it all starts with you


(while there is still time)

Time flies and everything is changing so fast, so let’s record our personal experiences of life while we can. Not for ourselves but for prosperity, our families and descendants. Imagine having videos of your grandparents as children, or watching your great-grandparents telling stories of their lives.


Not sure where to start? We can advise you every step of the way, and even help you – should you want to – make your own video with a smart phone. Be warned however, you may find it is a lot of hard work. If you choose to engage us to make a film for you, we will organize everything, hold your hand (metaphorically), film and record, travel if we need to, edit everything and keep you on track to make a perfect professional video for future generations to enjoy.

Telling your story →


Camera shy? No problem, our services range from simple audio recordings and animating photographs, to short biopics and full-blown video biographical narratives. From early memories of childhood and school, to special occasions, we will ride with you on a journey through your life, to celebrate your family and lifetime achievements. You will be telling the future what life was like in our time – and may have fun guessing how it will be their’s.

How it works →