Living and dying are facts of life, like the weather. Like her glass of wine or his coffee. Once full, their glasses are now nearing empty, but at least still they have their memories. So of course they must look back on the past and delight in the privilege of belonging to the first generation ever to be able to capture their lives in gleaming high-definition video. And be able to honor their heritage and culture by passing on their life-stories to the future.

One family meets…

Probably taken in the summer of 1907, the two young men in this photo would go on make names for themselves, and (coincidentally) die young on mountains, though the rest had interesting lives too. How fascinating it would be to have a video of any of them talking about life in their times.

…another family

When this photo was taken in 1937, nobody knew that the man on the right would marry the daughter of the 23 year-old girl on the left of the back row in the photo opposite. How could they? They would only meet 18 months later in India, as the world was becoming a very different place.

“It wasn’t vanity that made me want a video – not at all. I’ve always been interested in history, and led a full life so making a video seemed a nice way to connect with future generations and tell them what my family and I were like”.

— Kenny Monteverdi, Adventurer and Bon Viveur